Case review on Wowcher



Wowcher is a free-down-load e-commerce app that offers updated bargain & offer nationally. Users can view, buy and redeem the offerings with full information. 



Wowcher was currently launched in UK, and it continually seek competent agency for mobile marketing to gain new users with periodic installation target and CPI. Appcoach was designated for a small-budget test campaign at first, then running campaign on incremental budget with client’s trust.



Utilizing selected CPI media mix, Appcoach launched campaign with localized creative formats.

  1. Media mix of CPI media: to insure the new user volume and quality, Appcoach attentively analysis and adjust the media channels.
  2. Localized and seasonal creative: Appcoach provides creative service for speaking advertisement formats that triggers high conversions. Users can easily capture Wowcher’s offering and positioning, and they can be attracted to response to call-to-action bottom design.


About Appcoach’s own Inventory and CPI network

We provide multi-spectrum mobile inventory for Wowcher : We selected CPI media mix from Appcoach’s own network and traffic from premium direct publisher.