General Terms and Conditions


This General Terms & Conditions (“T&C”), shall govern the relationship between Advertiser and Publisher. All Insertion Orders(“IOs”)shall enter into this T&C.


1.            定义 DEFINITIONS

1.1 “服务”是指根据订单,广告主委托发布方提供的服务。

“Service” means any service provided by Publisher to Advertiser in accordance with an applicable IO.

1.2 “用户”是指通过发布方或第三方平台访问或使用广告主产品的终端用户。

“End User” means visitors or users through the Publisher’s or third party’s website(s) to visit or use Advertiser’s products.

1.4 “交付”或“可交付”是指按广告主要求,发布方根据订单向广告主交付的服务。

“Deliverable” or “Deliverables” means the service delivered by Publisher to Advertiser in accordance with the IO.

1.5 “订单”是指广告主不时出具的,列明由发布方为广告主提供所有服务内容和细节的协议。所有订单将成为本条款的组成部分,与本条款具有同等法律效力。

“IO (Insertion Order)” means document to clarify and describe the service details issued by Publisher to Advertiser from time to time. This T&C shall be accompanied with several IOs and each such IO shall be the part of this T&C and have the same effective with this T&C.

1.6 “CPA(cost-per-action,每次行动成本)”是指广告主按照用户通过发布方或第三方平台有效安装激活供应商产品的数量向发布方支付服务费的推广模式。

“CPA Deliverables” means Deliverables sold on a cost per acquisition basis.

1.7 “CPI (cost-per-install, 每次安装成本)”是指广告主按照用户通过发布方或第三方平台有效安装供应商产品的数量向发布方支付服务费的推广模式。

“CPI” means deliverables sold on a cost per install basis.

1.8 “CPC(Cost Per Click,按每次点击付费)”是指广告主按照用户通过发布方或第三方平台有效点击供应商产品的数量向发布方支付服务费的推广模式。

“CPC Deliverables” means Deliverables sold on a cost per click basis.

1.9 “CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions,每千人印象费用)”是指广告主按照供应商产品信息在发布方或第三方平台每展示1000次向发布方支付服务费的推广模式。

“CPM Deliverables” means Deliverables sold on a cost per thousand impressions basis.



2.            条款的效力  EFFECT OF TERMS

2.1 接受订单即应受本条款的约束。

Acceptance of IO shall be subject to the T&C set forth herein.


Any modification to the T&C shall be of no effect unless expressly specified in IO in writing and signed by both of Parties or respective authorized representatives of the Parties.


This T&C supersedes all previous discussions and agreements of the Parties (or their subsidiaries or parent companies) with respect to the subject matter of this T&C.


3.            订单的发出、接受和终止


3.1 除非双方另有约定,订单由广告主或发布方制作并正式生成,且通过邮件或电子邮件的形式向发布方发出。

Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, IO is formally generated through either party and sent to the other party through post or email.

3.2 一旦双方签署订单,订单立即生效。双方确认,对方是否回传签署后的订单,不影响本订单的有效性。

This IO will be effective on the date of both Parties’ signature. And the Parties confirm that the validity of the IO shall not be affected, whether or not the signed IO has been returned.

3.3 任何一方均可向对方提交书面终止通知书单方终止本订单,或订单的任何部分。但广告主应按订单约定向发布方支付已实际发生的所有款项。

Either party may terminate this IO or part of this IO for its sole convenience by giving written notice of termination to the other party. However, Advertiser shall pay Publisher the relevant payments in accordance with the IO.

3.4 广告主委托发布方提供的服务内容和范围以订单所载内容或订单约定的告知形式为准。

All the content and scope of the services provided by Publisher to Advertiser shall be in accordance with the IO or the notice form written in the IO.

3.5 任何一方向对方的索赔金额仅限于未完工之订单服务的花费。任何情况下的索赔均不得超过该订单所载服务的总价格。

Either party’s claim amount shall be limited to net cost of required work written in IO in process which has already happened.


4.            定价和税款  PRICING AND TAX


Pricing and tax shall be calculated by both parties and be in accordance with Item name, period of Item, Item objective, targeting criteria and so on, which are described in the IO.



5.            结算金额争议解决  BILLING DISPUTE


Billing amount shall be agreed by both of the parties and if there is dispute, final number shall be determined by both parties. 


6.            保证  WARRANTY

6.1 本条款双方特此作出如下陈述与保证:根据本条款规定的义务,双方必须保证有充分的资质和授权去执行、交付和履行。同时,双方执行和履行本条款项下的义务时不会违反任何其他约束双方的义务或协议或法律或规章。

Each of the parties hereby represents and warrants that it has all requisite corporate power and authority to execute, deliver, and perform its obligations under the Agreement, and the execution of the T&C or the performance of its obligations under the T&C do not and will not violate any other obligation or agreement, law or regulation by which it is bound or to which it is subject.

6.2 广告主特此声明并保证:其提交发布方在发布方或其他任何第三方平台上的所有内容包括但不限于图像、视频、标题、连接等均是合法的,且广告主对上述提交内容拥有排他性的所有权。如果广告主违反上述保证条款,所提供内容涉及侵权事项,则直接视作违约,或有其它不符现象,根据发布方的选择,广告主应立即修改、撤换并赔偿发布方为该履行订单而产生的直接和/或间接损失和费用(包括合理的律师费)。

Advertiser hereby represents and warrants that all publish contents including but not limited image, video, link, and banner are legally. Advertiser has exclusive ownership of Publish contents. If Advertiser breaches any of the foregoing representations and warranties, or items are otherwise non-conforming, at Publisher’s option, Advertiser shall promptly change, amendment, replace and shall pay to Publisher all incidental and consequential damages arising from breach of the foregoing representations and warranties.

6.3 发布方特此声明并保证:其有资格并有权利从事订单所载服务,且在本订单有效期限内所提供的服务不会因违反相应法律、法规规定而被责令关闭、停顿或因任何原因而无法正常运营。发布方保证其对本订单约定的第三方平台享有所有权或广告经营权、广告代理权,本订单的签署、履行不违反任何对其有约束力的法律文件的限制。如果发布方违反上述保证条款,或有其它不符现象,根据广告主的选择,发布方应立即修改、撤换并赔偿广告主为该履行订单而产生的直接和/或间接损失和费用(包括合理的律师费、诉讼费、保全费等)。

Publisher hereby represents and warrants that it is qualified owns the right to engage in the services written in IO, and commitments on the information during the term of this contract the media will not due to the violation of the relevant laws, regulations and is ordered to close down, pause or for any reason cannot normal operation. Publisher guarantees that the contract of media ownership or information management rights, information agency, the signing of the contract, shall not violate any binding legal documents to the limit. If Publisher breaches any of the foregoing representations and warranties, or items are otherwise non-conforming, at Advertiser’s option, Publisher shall promptly change, amendment, replace and shall pay to Advertiser all incidental and consequential damages arising from breach of the foregoing representations and warranties、litigation, preservation, etc.

6.4 在经过广告主同意的情况下,发布方可对广告主提供的广告内容和形式进行审查,并根据发布平台的要求、发布国家和/或地区的法律规定对广告主提供的广告内容和形式做出包括担不限于修改、变更、改编、编辑和其他技术处理,同时,发布方保证对于广告主提供的推广资料,尤其为公司名称、商号、商标、Logo、游戏介绍等,仅限本合同合作之用。如果广告主提供的广告内容不符合法律法规的规定,发布方有权要求修正或拒绝发布该广告,且发布方应保证经其审核通过并最终发布的广告内容和形式均符合发布平台的要求、发布国家和/或地区的法律规定。

Publisher is entitled to be on the information content of any modification, change, adaptation, edit or other forms of treatment in accordance with requirement of publish platform, law of country and/or region under written consent by Advertiser, and Publisher guarantees the promotion information provided by Advertiser, especially the company name, trade name, trademark, Logo, game, shall be used only with agreed cooperation contract. Publisher has the right to request correction or refused to release the advertisement if the contents and its formation provided by Advertiser for advertising do not comply with all the applicable laws and regulations, and it shall guaranteed that all the reviewed and revised contents and formation shall be in accordance with all the applicable laws and regulations.

6.5 发布方保证不因任何原因点击、刷新自己网站上广告主提供的产品或内容,任何通过人为因素而产生的点击都是禁止的。这些禁止的行为包括但不限于:通过重复手动点击、煽动他人点击或通过金钱贿赂、误导或要求网站访问者点击,通过漫游器、自动化点击工具、或其它欺骗软件产生的点击或刷屏产生的展示。如果广告主发现发布方存在上述禁止行为,则视为发布方严重违约,广告主有权立即终止本订单,并追究发布方的违约责任,包括但不限于要求发布方以同比延后的方式对虚假的IP数据给予双倍的补播。

Publisher shall not click or refresh Advertiser’s product without any reasons on its website. Any click produced by human factors is prohibited. Prohibited situation including but not limited to: clicking Publisher’s own ads or use any means to artificially inflate the number of impressions or clicks, asking others to click Publisher’s own ads or use deceptive implementation to get clicks, forging clicks or impressions, or other defraud clicks or refresh by software. Advertiser has the right to terminate the contract immediately and waive of the breach, include but not limit to request Publisher to make up the issue of the advertisements valued twice as much as the defaulted advertisements.

7.            免责声明 DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY

7.1 发布方没有任何义务监管广告主提供的材料,对广告主提供的材料或广告主描述或书写的材料之准确性、完整性、合法性或恰当性不承担任何责任。发布方平台和其他发布方提供的技术或服务均是以广告主提供的“原样”为基础。除本条款明文规定或在法律允许的最大范围以外,发布方不再作出其他任何保证,无论明示、暗示、法定或其他,包括但不限于适销性的保证,适用于特定用途或非侵权性或在履行本条款过程中引起的,或与履行本条款有关的保证和类似该等保证。

Publisher does not have any obligation to monitor the materials provided by Advertiser, for any purpose and, as a result, is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, legality or applicability of the materials provided by Advertiser or anything described or written by Advertiser. Publisher Platform and any other technology or services provided by Publisher is on an “AS-IS” basis. Except as expressly provided in the T&C and to the fullest extent allowable by law, Publisher makes no other warranty of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use or non-infringement or those arising in the course of or connected to the performance hereunder, and disclaims any such warranties.

7.2 对于因超出其合理控制范围的因素,如天灾、火灾、盗窃、战争、暴乱、禁运或者政府或军事当局的行为等,而造成无法履行本订单的,该方无需负责。如果由于这些意外事件而使交付推迟,任何一方应书面通知另一方:

7.2.1 延长履行期限;或

7.2.2 终止订单未履行部分。

Neither party shall be responsible for its failure to perform due to causes beyond its reasonable control such as acts of God, fire, theft, war, riot, embargoes or acts of civil or military authorities. If Delivery is to be delayed by such contingencies, either party shall immediately notify the other party in writing:

7.2.1 extend time of performance, or;

7.2.2 terminate the uncompleted portion of the IO.




During the course of IO, either party may have or may be provided access to the other’s confidential information and materials. Each party agrees to maintain such information in confidence and limit disclosure on a need to know basis, to take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized disclosure, and to treat such information as it treats its own in formation of a similar nature, until the information becomes rightfully available to the public through no fault of the non-disclosing party. Both parties agree that neither will disclose the existence of IO, nor any of its details or the existence of the relationship created by IO, to any third party without the specific, written consent of the other. Neither party may disclose any confidential information to any other third party for other purposes without the other party’s written consent. Once request by one party, the other party should promptly sign the confidential agreement with it.




Both parties mutually recognize and respect respective registered trademarks and rights related thereof as well as other intellectual property rights of the other party. Unless otherwise specifically set out in the Agreement, the Agreement shall not be construed as authorization of the right to use any other intellectual property rights by either of the parties thereof to the other party. Both parties shall indemnify and hold the other party harmless from any costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fee), losses, damages, or liabilities incurred because of actual or alleged infringement of any patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, or other intellectual property right arising out of the use or sale by Advertiser or Advertiser’s customers of Items or Advertiser’s products manufactured using the Item(s) or containing the Item(s), irrespective of whether Publisher furnishes any specifications to Advertiser, except as otherwise provided in this paragraph. The parties hereby agree that if the Advertiser entrusting the Publisher to provide, produce, develop the corresponding advertising content, any literary, artistic, or any other creative and executive work, all ownership includes intellectual property will means to the Publisher, unless otherwise agreed.

9.2 如果需要,任何一方均有权要求另一方立即签署知识产权保护备忘录。

If necessary, either party has the right to request the other party promptly to sign the intellectual property protection memo.


10.         个人隐私  PRIVACY



If Advertiser transmits any personal information to Publisher, Publisher warrants that it shall not transfer such personal information to any third party that it’s unrelated to execute IO and T&C or use it for any purpose other than as described in IO and the T&C.

10.2 对于发布方在向广告主提供服务过程中获取的个人信息,发布方向广告主保证其不将该等个人信息用于订单和本条款之外的目的。

If Publisher obtains personal information in the course of performance of services, Publisher warrants that it shall not transfer such personal information to any individual in IO and this T&C.

10.3 发布方将采取合理的措施确保其数据的安全性。

Publisher shall take reasonable measures to ensure the security of data.

10.4 任何与安璞公司签订广告订单、框架合同或正在使用安璞公司广告服务的广告主或发布方均应当仔细浏览阅读安璞公司的在线隐私保护政策,如有疑问亦将按照安璞公司公开的正当渠道提出异议,若未提出异议,安璞公司将默认广告主和发布方均完全认可并承诺遵守,且采取不低于上述隐私保护政策、相关适用法律规定的保护程度来对待与安璞公司合作项目内的个人信息,否则若安璞公司因此遭受损失,包括但不限于(因侵权等原因遭受法律追诉、索赔)则有权向违规的广告主或发布方进行追偿或索赔。安璞公司在线隐私保护政策详情请查看以下网(https://www.appcoachs.com/privacypolicy/

Advertiser or Publisher who has signed an Insertion Order, a Framework Contract or Using Appcoach advertising service, shall have read and understood Appcoach Privacy Policy. Please review this Privacy Policy before using the Advertising Service or this Site. If there is any doubt, an objection shall be raised in accordance with the proper channels open by Appcoach. Without objection, it will be regarded as a default acceptance. Advertiser or Publisher shall also take no less than the protection of Appcoach Privacy Policy and the relevant applicable law to treat all privacy information related during the cooperation with Appcoach. Otherwise, if Appcoach has suffered losses, including but not limited to the legal prosecution or claim for infringement, Appcoach has the right to recourse or claim compensation to the Advertiser or Publisher of the violation. For details of online privacy protection policy, please check the following website (https://www.appcoachs.com/privacypolicy/).




11.1 任何一方应当在法律允许的最大限度内,保护、保障、赔偿并使另一方免受因下列情况而可能遭受、承担、或者支付的、任何及所有的索赔请求、责任、要求、处罚、罚款、诉讼、判决及相关的成本和费用(包括律师费):因任何一方、其雇员、管理人员、代理人、代表的行为违反订单和/或本条款的任何条款或规定;和/或违反法律、政府法规或命令。

Either party shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law, protect, defend, indemnify, and hold the other party harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, demands, penalties, forfeitures, suits, judgments, and the associated costs and expenses (including attorney’s fee), which either party may hereafter incur, become responsible for, or pay out as a result of: any violation of IO and/or the T&C; and/or any violation of law, governmental regulation or orders.

11.2 如果广告主未按本条款规定日期付款,除应付款项外,每逾期一日,其还应当向发布方偿付未付金额总价千分之五的违约金,同时,经发布方书面催告后七日内广告主仍未付款的,发布方可立即停止广告投放,因此给发布方造成的直接或间接损失均由广告主承担(包括但不限于因追偿未支付服务费而产生的合理律师费、诉讼费、保全费等)。

If Advertiser does not conduct the scheduled payment in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, in addition to the payable service fee, a daily 0.5% of the total amount of the billing amount shall also be paid as a breach penalty to Publisher. Meanwhile, failure to resolve or settle the payment after being received the notice from Publisher within seven (7) days, Publisher can immediately stop the advertising service and Advertiser shall assume Publisher the direct or indirect losses caused by it (including but not limited to the associated costs and expenses such as reasonable attorney’s fee, litigation fee and etc.)

11.3 如果发布方未经广告主同意随意修改、变更、改编、编辑和其他技术处理广告主提供的所有信息内容,广告主有权立即终止与发布方的合作并要求发布方承担订单总价或订单累计金额总价30%的违约金,若上述违约金无法全部弥补广告主的所有损失,发布方应继续赔偿、保护并且使广告主免于受到任何损失、索赔、责任、损害赔偿费、罚款及任何相关的成本和费用,包括合理的律师费。

If Publisher modifies, changes, edits or using any other technique to deal the information contents without any written consent by Advertiser, Advertiser is entitle to immediately terminate the contract and request Publisher to undertake the liquidated damages of 30% of IO or accumulated IOs’ amount, at the same time, Publisher shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Advertiser against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, and penalties, and all related costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) (collectively “Claims”) until Advertiser’s all claims are made up.


12.         适用法律和争议解决



The laws and the dispute resolution of this T&C shall be in accordance with the IO.


13.         其他  MISCELLANEOUS

13.1 本条款同时以中英文书写并签署。双方认可各自已经审阅两种版本,并在此确认,除语言表达外,两种语言文本在任何方面均是相同的。若两种语言文本存在任何不一致的,以中文本为准。

This T&C is written and executed in both the English and Chinese languages. Both parties acknowledge that they have reviewed both the Chinese and English language versions and hereby confirm that in all aspects except for language of expression the two language versions are substantially identical. In the event of any inconsistency between the two language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

13.2 双方在此认可,双方之间的关系是服务提供与接受关系。任何一方对订单和本条款的接受并不表示在与另一方之间产生任何合伙、合作、合营、代理或雇佣关系。

Both parties hereby acknowledge that their relationship is provision and acceptance of service. Either party’s acceptance of IO and this T&C shall not be construed to create any partnership, corporation, joint venture, agency, or employer/employee relationship with the other party.

13.3 本条款与订单具有同等法律效力。若本条款与订单所载条款、条件有冲突的,则以订单所载条款、条件为准。

The T&C has the same legal effect with IO. In the event of a conflict between the T&C and IO, IO shall prevail.


If any provision contained in this T&C is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law, then such provision will be severed and replaced with a new provision that mostly reflects the original intention of the parties, and the remaining provisions of this T&C will remain in full force and effect.