Meet Appcoachers From Our Global Offices

Head-quartered in Shanghai and with 10 offices globally, Appcoach, the global mobile performance marketing agency, has grown to become a multi-region organization nurturing the talent and expertise of our 140 employees. From London to Shanghai, Singapore and Bangalore, meet some of the unique individuals that lay the foundations and deliver success for Appcoach.

April Tayson Appcoach

Meet April

Based in Singapore, April directs Appcoach's APAC sales team in multiple locations from India to Jakarta.

What do you do at Appcoach?

As the Head of Sales, I oversee and develop plans and strategies for developing business and achieving the company’s goals and create a culture of success, ongoing business and goal achievement - to win and be known as the leading performance mobile agency in APAC region.

What do you most like about working at Appcoach?

What I enjoy about working with Appcoach is the startup work culture which brings in more responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. It gives bandwidth to learn from mistakes and celebrate small successes to reach self sustaining stage

Favorite thing you like to do in your city?

Singapore is a multi-cultural cosmopolitan city and being a foodie, I like to explore different cuisines across the city


Meet Chethan

Chethan is an Account Manager for Appcoach APAC team and is based in Bangalore, India.

What do you do at Appcoach?

I take care of all advertiser campaigns, reporting, monitoring and optimizing multiple campaign executions to ensure they are launching and delivering on schedule and in line with client expectations.

What do you most like about working at Appcoach?

Our sales director encourages me to grow and welcome my feedback and ideas. I am treated as an important member of the team.

I am learning all the time, from the best people in our company.

Any memorable moments working at Appcoach?

The first time we met our APAC Sales Director and team.

Favorite thing you like to do in your city?

Exploring all the great food in Bangalore!



Meet hailiang

Based in Shanghai, Hailiang is the Technical Director of Appcoach Market, Appcoach's own global video ad network.

What do you do at Appcoach?

I am mainly responsible for the architecture of Appcoach Market and  supporting of any other backend issues of other products.

From the technical point of view, Appcoach Market is Appcoach's own video advertising network. I look after the automatic bidding algorithm and rule-based campaign strategy, the instant data analysis and reporting capability, and rich protocols to integrate with public/private DSPs/SSPs

What do you most like about working at Appcoach?

Appcoach is consistently investing on its own products and technical capabilities, and there are exciting and challenging problems to solve everyday.

Favorite thing you like to do in your city?

Driving to go on an outing with my family.


Meet Ander

Ander is part of the central Business Development team and based in China. He manages Appcoach's partnership with major media vendors like Google and UnityAds, makes media plans to facilitate a supply-demand resonance and looking after the business operation of Appcoach Supply Side Platform.

What do you most like about working at Appcoach?

That you are constantly a critical influencing factor of something huge.

Any memorable moments working at Appcoach?

Definitely when I received the quarterly outstanding employee award. It was really a motivation for me.

Favorite thing you like to do in your city?

Lately I’ve become obsessed with a social game called Werewolf, which I’ve been playing with friends quite often during weekends. Actually, I recommend all of you to have a try at some point if you’ve never played it before!



Meet Andrina

Overseas HR Business Partner, Andrina manages all things HR for Appcoach’s non-China offices, which includes London, India (Mumbai & Bangalore), Jakarta & Singapore

What do you most like about working at Appcoach?

I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing people during my time here. It’s particularly great to work with colleagues from all parts of the globe, everyone is passionate about what they do and you learn so much.

Any memorable moments working at Appcoach?

Visiting Shanghai HQ for the global Q4 kickoff in 2015 was really exciting, I got to meet many colleagues in-person for the first time and while it was super busy with lots of meetings and planning, we were still able to fit in some sightseeing, with our colleagues as local experts ensuring we went to the must-see places and tried the best food.

Favorite thing you like to do in your city?

There’s always so much happening in London, but I particularly love all the theatre and museums. I’ve seen just about all the major west-end musicals and plays, and most of the museums have free exhibitions - perfect for when it rains.

About Appcoach

Founded in 2014 and based in Shanghai, Appcoach is a technology-enabled, global mobile performance marketing agency. Appcoach activates global mobile user acquisition strategies with local marketing initiatives across search display networks, social media and digital media buying. Appcoach’s patented technology products, Appcoach Market, Appcoach Ultron and Appcoach Supply Side Platform (SSP) enables advertisers to develop their presence at scale and for publishers to monetize their traffic effectively in global markets.

Appcoach is listed in LUMApartners Mobile LUMAscape 2017, and clients include gaming, lifestyle, e-commerce, travel and utilities. Appcoach has 10 offices globally and is venture-capital backed by Yonghua Capital.