Appcoach Okra serves you global advertisers ready and waiting to pay the optimum price for your inventory.

A Smarter Solution For Monetization

With Appcoach Okra publishers can now effectively predict and achieve eCPM rates by combining data from existing advertiser partnerships and Appcoach’s own SDK media sources.

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A Smart Adaptor That Filters Demand

Based on a patented algorithm, gathered from online and offline real-time analysis, publishers using Appcoach Okra can customize bespoke traffic optimization strategy based on eCPM from cross-platforms. As a result, Appcoach Okra achieves real-time optimization towards high eCPM in real-time, enhancing publishers’ monetization efficiency.

Freedom From Cross Platform Checks

Appcoach Okra is designed to provide a single-view effective for publisher monetization. Utilizing real-time global premium advertising resources, Appcoach Okra enables publishers to manage their advertiser traffic intelligently and efficiently.

 Dashboard for Fast & Insightful Reporting Management

Through easy integration with our Okra SDK, the dashboard visualizes all key indicators relevant to revenue, ecpm, conversion and fillrate (FR) from diverse global ad networks. 

Easy SDK Integration, Supporting Newsfeed, Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded/Non-Rewarded Video

Working closely with global and local premium ad networks and breathing in know-how of their algorithms, Appcoach Okra provides slick support for various display ad formats and video (including rewarded video, newsfeed video, full-screen video), creating a flexible and smooth user experience while effectively generating ad revenue.

Integrated with premium ad platforms

Our business development teams around the world have integrated global and local premium platforms, and are particularly resourceful in Asia. Appcoach Okra offers great diversity in ad demands and a smart selection of compatible options to deliver high ad revenue.

How to Get Started

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