US Casual Game App Earns 45% Next Day User Retention Rate.



A candy crush style online game launched in the United States, this 65mb iOS game was first released locally in the third quarter of 2014.



A casual game with puzzle elements, this product has seen significant global success. Our client had already cemented their place in the competitive and well-established games sector with another, similarly mind-blowing game. However, when it came to creative format design, localization, local insight and expertise on large volume user acquisition, it was make or break. Despite optimization by an in-house team, our client was still not seeing a surge in user conversion. Appcoach was taken on as a supporting agency for secondary user acquisition and quickly made an impact, achieving large scale user acquisition targets with a steady CPA over a short period of time.



Appcoach made a total of 87,300 installations over 3 months at a cost of $1.63 per acquisition. In other words, the user base surged by an average of 970 daily. The client was also satisfied with the desired next-day user retention of approximately 45%.

• Average CPA: $1.63
• Country: USA
• Total installs: 87,300
• Average daily installs: 970
• Next-day retention (Days 22-26): 38%, 47%, 47.7%, 46% and 45%.


  1.  Appcoach’s creative team designed intriguing, localized images to attract regional users and embed the right message. Our artistic call-to-action design was a key weapon in winning big in the global market.
  2. Appcoach’s strategy team focused on selecting made-to-measure media resources designed to hit ROI, providing the client with a mix of media and ad platforms that allowed for smart planning and campaign vision.
  3. Appcoach’s optimization team was available 24/7 to monitor programmatic user acquisition
  4. In addition to machine learning intelligence, the Appcoach team took things to the next level with continual manual adjustment to ensure maximum high-quality user acquisition.