Casual Game Client Earns 3x More Users In China With Appcoach Market.

Background: Casual game advertiser seeks high-value, quality users in China region. 

After a massive user acquisition campaign via rewarded video channels, this casual game advertiser was looking to target high value users in China at a high payment rate, weighing user quality over quantity.

Strategy: Use Appcoach Market’s pre-roll video inventory to tackle advertiser’s challenge.

The Challenge

  • Limited inventory left for major rewarded video content.
  • Client cautious about trying network inventory with questionable user quality.
  • Highly competitive market segment highly saturated with similar casual game apps

The action

  • Utilize Appcoach Market’s local online video platform inventory as a supplement to in-app rewarded video.
  • Leverage Appcoach Market’s versatile target abilities to ensure quality performance among authentic video audience.
  • Exploit the branding effect of pre-roll video ads as added value besides user acquisition.

The solution

  • Promote on Appcoach Market using online video platform’s pre-roll inventory
  • Optimize by audience tags towards the best performing targeting option
  • Guide advertiser to create video materials with branding features

The Result: Appcoach Market is the best performing channel among all selected video channels.

Appcoach Market Results

Appcoach Market Performance Review

April 1st to 14th

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