US Travel App Earns 20% Conversion Ratio In China With Appcoach Market.

US Travel App

World-famous travel site capitalizes on China's summer period, targeting students with it's holiday destination reviews app. 

The Background

One of the world's largest online travel site advises travellers on local and international destinations from hotels and hostels, to bars, restaurants, museums and experiences.

The travel client wanted to optimize the hot summer period in China, focusing on China's student demographic aged between 18 and 25 years old. The month of August see's a large number of students take vacation and is one of the most popular travel months in China with public and school holidays. 

The Situation

  • Client had little to no penetration of China mobile market
  • Client required a bespoke user acquisition campaign to strategically target China's millennial market.
  • With gaming and e-commerce holding top positions, travel apps are an emerging vertical in China's mobile market

The Action

Appcoach collaborated with the client's mobile marketing team to deliver a comprehensive media planning and user acquisition campaign to maximize budget and ROI.

Appcoach optimized the campaign via Appcoach Market, the leading video and display ad network in China. Along with bespoke creative localization and real-time optimization, combined with quality media from China's exclusive traffic sources, the campaign was run over a 5 month period from May to August.

The Result: With China's leading Video and Display Network, Appcoach Market, the Online Travel Adviser App earned 25,333 installs over a 5 month period and achieved an average revenue per user (ARPU) of over $1.50 and a 20% conversion ratio.


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