The New Wave of Game Development - Appcoach Takes You to the GDC 2017 Live Highlights

From February 27 to March 3, game industry fans swept through San Francisco. The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) pulled in all the “experts” in town, including major game software companies, hardware companies, independent developers, game developers, game marketers and other industry peers. As the world's leading mobile marketing player, Appcoach leapt on the opportunity to check out cutting-edge trends from the world's leading game publishers and new, independent game developers, using these to perfectly customize its mobile marketing and monetization strategies.

Appcoach Attends China Telecom’s “Multi-screen Advertising Solution” Launch Seminar and Shares Own SDK Technology

On September 9, 2016, China Telecom Best Tone Information Service Co., Ltd. (a fully-owned subsidiary of China Telecom) released its "multi-screen advertising solution” project. With the advantage of China Telecom’s family and business internet service user data, the company is able to connect smart TVs, computers and mobile phones to establish an online advertising platform that is data-centric and surrounds the entire family unit. Appcoach, Huan TV and Publicis Media (the co-organizers of the event), were there to show their support for China Telecom and the potential new market leader of China’s multiscreen advertising solutions industry. 

Appcoach Invited as Guest Speaker by Google to Discuss the Future of Mobile Marketing KPIs

On September 6, 2016, Google hosted its annual event “Think Mobile with Google” in the Four Seasons in Beijing. Highlights of the event ranged from mobile sites, smart monetization, machine learning, big data marketing and mobile marketing performance management; all key factors to be considered as the industry moves forward.

Appcoach Included in Mobile LUMAscape: Forging a Path to Becoming a Significant Global Media Agency

The recent addition of Appcoach into the digital marketing industry’s renowned “Mobile LUMAscape” graphic, published by LUMA Partners, is a significant moment. It not only recognizes the important role played by Appcoach in the ever-evolving mobile advertising ecosystem, it also highlights the company’s position as an upcoming force among global media agencies, placing it alongside many 4A advertising companies.