Appcoach SDK Technology Receives Patent Recognition, Enabling Small and Medium-size Developers to Monetize with Ease

Appcoach’s proprietary SDK technology, “SDK Ad Assistant”, has recently been received multiple national patents from the Copyright Protection Center of China and has also been named as the “Most Innovative Company with Pioneering Technology.”

In an interview with Shanghai TV station to learn about the rise of this young company, Appcoach CEO, Kent Wang, mentioned that he was closely following the impact of the rapidly developing internet industry on China’s economy, and that he was constantly reminding himself how crucial it was to align the vision of the industry with China’s economic trends.

During the interview, Appcoach CTO Rick Lee also generously demonstrated the company’s proprietary SDK technology, known as the “SDK Ad Assistant”. The main functionality of this SDK is to streamline support for developers running advertising campaigns and implementing ad monetization. With various ad formats, developers can benefit from multiple forms of ad monetization and revenue earnings. This SDK technology maximizes the application’s performance while staying lean and simple to setup, and does not interrupt the user’s performance. Appcoach engineers understand the importance of a lean SDK, so users can download fast and activate the application with ease. 

Appcoach’s SDK Technology: “SDK Assistant”

The main purpose of the SDK Ad Assistant is to assist developers to better integrate with the ad server when initiating a request for ad campaign monetization. The main benefit of the application, especially for small and medium developers, is the speed and convenience of this integrated approach.

The SDK Ad Assistant can support multiple formats, including the traditional full-screen format, interstitial format, mainstream native video (including incentive video) and pre-roll video ads. Appcoach provides developers with diverse creative ad placement options and helps to rapidly build them in. This avoids the trivial tasks related to ad monetization, saving both time and effort.

All app developers aspire to drive revenue for the apps they develop. One way of achieving this is to display ads within the app, utilizing user traffic to monetize. However, producing the app itself and then building in additional features is very time-consuming. Developers rarely have any extra energy to develop new, advertising-related features. Appcoach developed the SDK Ad Assistant to reduce this burden on developers by simplifying the cost of integrating to an ad platform that allows pictorial and video ads into the app. 

The SDK Ad Assistant provides multiple means of integrating native ads. With a very simple setup, developers can request ad placement and specify precise locations. The SDK Ad Assistant is easy to use, small in size, and is able to consolidate multiple advertisers via one single platform, giving developers diverse choice.

Appcoach is a global mobile agency with strong worldwide resource coverage, particularly in China, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. Appcoach has built its own sales teams in these regions, allowing them to maintain close strategic relationships with local partners and to respond to customer requests in a timely manner. At the same time, Appcoach also owns its own advertising platform, Appcoach Market, which leverages its user traffic to expedite the process of monetization for SDK developers. Through the Open RTB programmatic buy and video ad formats included in its SDK technology, Appcoach has built a one-stop shop that delivers a total monetization solution for developers.

To meet both market demand and the need for developers to improve user experience, Appcoach has also done a great deal of research into video ads and native ads. Working with many well-known app companies, Appcoach has explored a range of suitable approaches for monetization. The goal is to build a total solution that installs video and native ads, does not interfere with the user experience, and gains better conversion rates. At the same time, Appcoach also strives to maintain a proper balance between user experience and profitability for customers, helping them to receive recognition within the industry.

Starting this year, Appcoach has initiated an incentive policy to encourage developers to return and try out the new advertising formats. Developers who are newly registering for Appcoach’s video and native ads will enjoy an eCPM floor policy. Appcoach will also provide an appealing commercial policy to enhance cooperation with long-term partners and achieve a win-win situation for both parties.

About Appcoach

Founded in May 2014, Appcoach opened its first office in Shanghai, China. It expanded rapidly with international branches opening in San Francisco and London in early 2015. Today, Appcoach has a global presence with offices in 11 cities across 7 countries: China (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen), USA (San Francisco), UK (London), India (Mumbai, Bangalore), Indonesia (Jakarta), Thailand (Bangkok), and Singapore. With over 1,000 advertisers and 400 media partners, Appcoach has successfully launched 500 apps in 150 countries. The Appcoach team has also grown from twenty-something founding members to hundreds of employees worldwide. 

Appcoach’s Offerings

With its own core technology and full media coverage, leading global mobile advertising agency Appcoach delivers premium mobile advertising solutions through its profound understanding of machine intelligence and deep local insights. Appcoach offers deep insight in creative localization, data mining, user targeting and optimization of mainstream platforms. Appcoach is accredited by Google, Facebook and Applovin, and works with major Asian companies, including Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and NetEase. Appcoach has also worked with gaming companies, including Big Fish, MachineZone and Kabam to provide advice and support for expansion into the APAC marketplace.

Appcoach Team

The founding members of Appcoach all come from top-notch advertising agencies within the industry. The company has retained its diverse and open company culture despite its rapid expansion towards becoming a global company. Appcoach is founded on three key principles: integrity, professionalism and a global view. Each of these is applied throughout its offering of quality services to both China-based and overseas clients and partners. Through hard work and perseverance, the Appcoach team has safeguarded the company’s ultimate vision, to “Become the largest digital marketing group”, and its mission, to "Focus on big data and localized, customizable solutions to simplify global digital marketing for our partners".