Appcoach Included in Mobile LUMAscape: Forging a Path to Becoming a Significant Global Media Agency

The recent addition of Appcoach into the digital marketing industry’s renowned “Mobile LUMAscape” graphic, published by LUMA Partners, is a significant moment. It not only recognizes the important role played by Appcoach in the ever-evolving mobile advertising ecosystem, it also highlights the company’s position as an upcoming force among global media agencies, placing it alongside many 4A advertising companies.

LUMA Partners is a well-known US digital marketing strategy consulting firm. The company provides strategic advice, private capital and public finance services to large media and technology leaders, as well as entrepreneurial growth companies.  

LUMA Partners works with companies at the intersection of media, marketing and technology. It is passionate about entrepreneurs, excited about the innovations taking place in the industry, and thrives on disruption.

With over 6 million downloads, the LUMAscape slides are highly regarded by many industry leaders for their specialized study of the increasingly interconnected mobile marketing ecosystem.

Localized solutions, Global coverage

Appcoach consults with China-based clients on how to expand their global market and channels, and assists international clients to integrate local resources worldwide. Coherent and principled globalization characteristics allow the company to rapidly gain access to global digital marketing resources. Today, a global presence combined with local knowledge and data means top results for Appcoach’s clients. Access to technological products results in a total solution for developing mobile marketing strategies that leverage the full spectrum of mobile inventory and first class optimization support. 

Founded in May 2014, Appcoach opened its first office in Shanghai, China. It expanded rapidly with international branches opening in San Francisco and London in early 2015. Today, Appcoach has a global presence with offices in 9 cities across 7 countries: China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen), USA (San Francisco), UK (London), India (Mumbai), Indonesia (Jakarta), Thailand (Bangkok), and Singapore. With over 1,000 advertisers and 400 media partners, Appcoach has successfully launched 500 apps in 150 countries. The Appcoach team has also grown from twenty-something founding members to hundreds of employees worldwide.  

In the second quarter of 2016, Appcoach plans to play on the offense and strategize with the new model "Mobile without Borders, Cross-regional Localization Marketing Strategy". The company will officially launch the LMS (Local Marketing Solution) program, with the aim of achieving deeply localized traffic mining and developing quality local users worldwide. Appcoach is also crafting a plan for the US market. The upcoming LMS US resources will include Uber Media, Snapchat, Pandora, Tango, Pinterest, MK Jigsaw and Gasbuddy among other companies specializing in local insights.

Appcoach is founded on three key principles: integrity, professionalism and a global view. Each of these is applied throughout our offering of quality services to both China-based and overseas clients and partners. Despite holding the 2015 Best Interactive Marketing Award, it has not been an easy journey for a two-year-old startup. However, through hard work and perseverance, the Appcoach team has safeguarded the company’s ultimate vision, to “Become the largest digital marketing group”, and its mission, to "Focus on big data and localized, customizable solutions to simplify global digital marketing for our partners".