Appcoach Market Integrates with Baidu Video


{Friday, March 24, Shanghai, CN} 


Appcoach, the technology-enabled global mobile performance agency with local marketing insights, has announced today the integration of its real-time bidding (RTB) platform Appcoach Market with Chinese video content service Baidu Video. 

Appcoach Market is the leading Display & Video ad network in Asia and China. Appcoach Market integrates with premium and direct publisher inventory for mobile and app marketers, accelerating user acquisition campaigns, monetization and ROI. A hyper-targeted audience solution, Appcoach Market helps app and mobile marketers to outperform their competition with direct SDK traffic from China's leading publishers. In Asia and China, Appcoach Market helps mobile marketers earn up to 3x more users and up to 40% more ROI. The platform integrates with over 1,000 publishers and advertisers, and supports banner, interstitial, native and video formats. 

The integration of Baidu with Appcoach Market enables mobile and app marketers to have a single-view platform of enriched real-time bidding of one of China’s largest video content platforms which streams over 500 million free and subscription video to an 80% share of the Chinese search engine market. 

“Appcoach helps publishers and advertisers navigate and win global mobile market dominance. Our integration with the number one Chinese search engine’s video platform, and experience launching Western apps in Asia remains our unique selling point across our US and EMEA client base.”
— Kent Wang, Appcoach Founder and CEO

Baidu, the Chinese equivalent to Google, retains 660 million monthly active users and 70 million daily users. Appcoach’s existing partnership with Baidu leads global user acquisition strategies for app companies across gaming, ecommerce and lifestyle, earning 150,000 installs per day for their clients. 

Appcoach Market is available now for app and mobile marketers to access direct publisher traffic sources in Asia and China.

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About Appcoach

Founded in 2014 and based in Shanghai, Appcoach is a technology-enabled, global mobile performance agency with local marketing insights. Appcoach activates global mobile user acquisition strategies with local marketing initiatives across search display networks, social media and digital media buying. Appcoach’s patented technology products, Appcoach Market, Appcoach Ultron and Appcoach Supply Side Platform (SSP) enables advertisers to develop their presence at scale and for publishers to monetize their traffic effectively in global markets.

Appcoach clients include gaming, lifestyle, ecommerce, travel and utilities. Appcoach retains ten offices across four continents and venture-capital backed by Yonghua Capital.