Meet Appcoach at Casual Connect Seattle.


Appcoach will be at Casual Connect Seattle showcasing two premier products: Market, Asia’s leading Ad Network, and Okra, the brand’s premium publisher monetization platform.

Appcoach, the global mobile performance marketing agency, will be at Casual Connect Seattle at booth number 405. The brand will be showcasing its two premium products; Market, one of Asia’s leading ad networks that enables app marketers to achieve seamless success the Asian mobile market, and Okra, it’s leading publisher monetization platform.

Appcoach specializes in global user acquisition strategies enabled through a diverse portfolio of mobile inventory and optimization support from search and social to media planning and buying, and creative localization. With the company’s HQ located in Shanghai, Appcoach agency expertise and owned-technology platforms also enable western mobile and app marketers to gain traction and achieve success in Asia and China.


Appcoach Market is the leading Display & Video ad network in Asia and China. Appcoach Market integrates with premium and direct publisher inventory for mobile and app marketers, accelerating user acquisition campaigns, monetization and ROI. A hyper-targeted audience solution, Appcoach Market helps app and mobile marketers to outperform their competition with direct SDK traffic from China's leading publishers. In Asia and China, Appcoach Market helps mobile marketers earn up to 3x more users and up to 40% more ROI. The platform integrates with over 1,000 publishers and advertisers, and supports banner, interstitial, native and video formats. is one of the leading Display & Video ad network in Asia including China. Market is used by app marketers to accelerate their user acquisition campaigns across multi-tier regions with scalable, premium inventory traffic from direct publishers in China and Asia. The platform integrates with over 1,000 publishers and advertisers, and supports banner, interstitial, native and video formats.


Okra is designed to provide a single-view effective for publisher monetization. Utilizing real-time global premium advertising resources, Appcoach Okra enables publishers to manage their advertiser traffic intelligently and efficiently.

With Appcoach Okra publishers can effectively predict and achieve eCPM rates by combining data from existing advertiser partnerships and Appcoach’s own SDK media sources. Based on a patented algorithm, gathered from online and offline real-time analysis, publishers using Appcoach Okra can customize bespoke traffic optimization strategy based on eCPM from cross-platforms. As a result, Appcoach Okra achieves real-time optimization towards high eCPM in real-time, enhancing publishers’ monetization efficiency.

Meet the Appcoach team at booth number 405 from August 1st to 3rd at Benaroya Hall, 200 University St, Seattle, Washington, USA.