Appcoach Listed As Top Mobile Marketing Agency By Mobyaffiliates.

Appcoach named as a top ad network agency in Mobyaffiliates latest guidance report for app and mobile marketers.

Mobyaffiliates, the mobile advertising and app marketing news site and directory, has released its brand new research report on the top global mobile and app marketing agencies in 2017.

Appcoach is listed alongside the top 26 agencies with mobile ad networks including Bamboo, M&C Saatchi and Fetch. The feature comes after Appcoach’s recent launch of Market, Asia’s leading mobile video ad network.

Market is Asia’s leading mobile display and video advertising network. Market integrates premium inventory and direct publisher traffic for mobile and app marketers, accelerating user acquisition campaigns, monetization and ROI. The platform is a hyper-targeted audience solution that enables advertisers to outperform their competitors with direct SDK traffic from China and Asia’s top publishers. In Asia and China, Market helps mobile marketers earn up to 3x more users and up to 40% more Average Revenue Per User, surpassing the top 3 global ad networks. Market supports multiple video and display formats including in-stream, banner, interstitial, pre-roll video and rewarded video.

About Appcoach

Founded in 2014 and based in Shanghai, Appcoach is a technology-enabled, global mobile performance marketing agency. Appcoach activates global mobile user acquisition strategies with local marketing initiatives across search display networks, social media and digital media buying. Appcoach’s patented technology products, Market and Okra enables advertisers to develop their presence at scale and for developers to monetize their traffic effectively in global markets.

Appcoach is listed in LUMApartners Mobile LUMAscape 2017, and clients include gaming, lifestyle, e-commerce, travel and utilities. Appcoach has 10 offices globally and is venture-capital backed by Yonghua Capital.