Appcoach and its Mobile Industry Globalization Strategy

Looking at its achievements over the last two quarters, the most impressive thing about Appcoach is not its global expansion, growing team or development of premium channels, but the spirit in which it executes its mobile industry globalization strategy.

From Newly Edgy to Annual Best

A newbie in the digital marketing industry, Appcoach launched in May 2014. It overcame the odds with its continued success, winning the “Most Promising and Enterprising Agency of China” award in Q1 of 2015. It was also named “Best Interactive Performance Agency of China 2015” at the 13th iChina Forum for its “global vision and professional, premium services. Despite these accolades, it has not been an easy journey.

In early 2015, Appcoach established its headquarters in Shanghai with branch offices in Beijing and San Francisco. Over the following eight months, Appcoach continued to expand its global reach with offices in seven new locations, including London, Mumbai and Jakarta. There are also firm plans for offices in Singapore and other countries in the near future.

However, this does not mean Appcoach is solely focused on expansion. By building on its global clients’ needs and local business plans, it is now able to develop global marketing channels for domestic clients. At the end of 2015, Appcoach’s client list numbered over 400, and its team had grown from 20 to hundreds. It has built a staff of globally minded professionals such as Appcoach CEO, Kent Wang. Wang was China Sales Director for an international mobile advertising company, with over 10 years’ experience in the advertising media industry. Other team members come from a diverse range of nationalities, and each has a mobile related or multi-industry background.

The Path to Globalization

The internet has sped up the process of globalization with overseas companies seeking to enter the Chinese market and Chinese companies looking to expand their business into global markets. Mobile internet holds significant influence and is a priority for these companies, but finding a straight origin advertising agency is not easy.

What does a straight origin globalized advertising agency look like? First, its team needs to have a global outlook and be made up of the right people. Second, it needs access to suitable premium channels so advertisers can enjoy better monetization performance. Third, it needs the support of good products and technology. It may seem simple, but not many companies can achieve the right balance. Appcoach, is one of the few.

Appcoach is able to help its China clients who wish to break into overseas markets with planning and buying inventory resources, assisting them with Facebook, Google AdWords and Guangdiantong optimization. In this way, they can gain high-quality users through a premium inventory platform. Compared to 2014, 2015 saw Appcoach increase its clientele nine-fold, with clients from China making up approximately 70% of its total 400 clients worldwide. These China clients generate 90% of daily revenue. In addition, Appcoach’s own inventory platform is also growing, with global daily active users reaching 20 million and half of its inventory coming from China. Appcoach CEO Kent Wang explained that the purpose of Appcoach’s global expansion is to deliver premium services to China’s Internet industry. By better connecting the Chinese, American, European and SEA markets, Appcoach can realize global corporate purchases and better help clients in China and overseas.

Young, but not Ordinary

A wall in Appcoach’s Beijing office is covered with Polaroids of its employees. Everyone in the photos looks young and energetic. A company that has been around for less than 2 years, it has already established a competitive edge in the challenging digital marketing industry. According to a statement from Kent Wang, the company has made a profit. It has also obtained recognition from the venture capitalist market and A series funding of USD $10 million enabled it to develop quickly.

In the future, Appcoach will continue to help clients from China and overseas to go global, provide premium resources worldwide and helping overseas clients to navigate the complex China market. In keeping with the trend of mobile internet without boundaries, Appcoach will continue to execute its global mobile internet marketing integration with vision, premium inventory, insight, integrity and persistence.