Podcast: How App Marketers Win Big In Asia

Helping App Marketers Win Big In Emerging Mobile Markets, China and Asia.

Justyn Lucas, Appcoach Head of Demand, recently spoke to Peggy Anne Salz at Mobile Presence, about how app marketers can navigate and win the Asian mobile market. 

In this exclusive podcast Justyn shares his insights into the Asian mobile market and includes his top 3 tips for app marketers to consider when launching new apps in Asia, specifically China. 

Listen to the podcast in full below.

About Appcoach
Founded in 2014 and based in Shanghai, Appcoach is a technology-enabled, global mobile performance marketing agency. Appcoach activates global mobile user acquisition strategies with local marketing initiatives across search display networks, social media and digital media buying. Appcoach’s patented technology products, Appcoach Market, Appcoach Ultron and Appcoach Supply Side Platform (SSP) enables advertisers to develop their presence at scale and for publishers to monetize their traffic effectively in global markets.

Appcoach is listed in LUMApartners Mobile LUMAscape 2017, and clients include gaming, lifestyle, e-commerce, travel and utilities. Appcoach has 10 offices globally and is venture-capital backed by Yonghua Capital.