60 Seconds With: Kent Wang, Appcoach Founder & CEO

Kent Wang, Founder and CEO of Appcoach

Kent Wang, Founder and CEO of Appcoach

As Appcoach celebrates its 3rd birthday this month, we caught up with Kent Wang, Founder and CEO, to find out first-hand how he feels about the company reaching this milestone.

How do you feel about Appcoach reaching its 3rd birthday?

I am extremely proud of this moment. Appcoach has grown from early beginnings in Shanghai to 10 offices globally. I am awed by the fact our central and overseas teams are working with clients around the world on global user acquisition strategies. We have secured 9 patents and our growing product technology, Appcoach Market, Supply Side Platform, Ultron and Butterfly sets Appcoach ahead of the competition in mobile performance marketing. If a company wants to stand out in this ever-changing mobile internet industry, it is all about the CEO’s ability to vision, and the team’s ability to execute. Above all else, Appcoach embracing a down-to-earth spirit where our employees are nurtured is an amazing achievement in this industry.

What has been your proudest moment in the last 3 years?

I am grateful and proud for all the staff who have been here with the company from the beginning and all the staff who have joined along the way. The passion and professional knowledge of our teams is constant. I am confident to say, there is no other start-up company that is equivalent to Appcoach to have such an outstanding team.

What has been the biggest hurdle for the company in the last 3 years?

The Appcoach team has achieved a massive hurdle launching our product portfolio at GMIC Beijing and opening 10 offices in India, South East Asia and Europe. As such, the past three years have been a very busy time for every individual involved to get to this point. I hope that this has made a lasting impression on the Appcoach family and that we can all grow to success from this unique experience.

What is your vision for the next 3 years?

We will plan to submit IPO application in 2018, but the final listing is not the ultimate goal. We are more focused on Appcoach continuing to be a technology-driven, global mobile performance agency with local marketing insights. We will continue helping advertisers from gaming, ecommerce, lifestyle and utilities to develop their global presence and collaborating with publishers to monetize their traffic effectively in global markets. Our ultimate goal in the next 3 years is to become the leading technology-enabled mobile performance marketing agency company in the world. I look forward to reaching that milestone!

About Appcoach

Founded in 2014 and based in Shanghai, Appcoach is a technology-enabled, global mobile performance marketing agency. Appcoach activates global mobile user acquisition strategies with local marketing initiatives across search display networks, social media and digital media buying. Appcoach’s patented technology products, Appcoach Market, Appcoach Ultron and Appcoach Supply Side Platform (SSP) enables advertisers to develop their presence at scale and for publishers to monetize their traffic effectively in global markets.

Appcoach is listed in LUMApartners Mobile LUMAscape 2017, and clients include gaming, lifestyle, e-commerce, travel and utilities. Appcoach has 10 offices globally and is venture-capital backed by Yonghua Capital.