This Ad Network Transforms Mobile Success In Emerging Markets.


Are your user acquisition campaigns falling short of delivering Paying Users and In-App Sales? Appcoach Market transforms your mobile user acquisition campaigns in emerging markets.

Appcoach Market earns app and mobile marketers up to 3x more life-time value users and ROI in emerging markets such as China, Southeast Asia and India.

Quality or Quantity? You Can Have Both!

The struggle between quantity and quality of users is a real issue for app marketers’ advertising campaigns. Blind media buys through traditional ad networks often fall short of targeting the right users that provide sales, in-app purchases or advertising revenues. While it’s easy to build users quickly through affiliate networks and blind media buys, it is a struggle for app marketers to acquire real quality users, which can accelerate their marketing ROI.

So, how do app marketers ensure that their user acquisition campaigns are precisely driving the right users? The answer is: by working with an Advertising Network that has premium and direct SDK inventory, and one that understands their audience, has geo-local insights and strong technology to prevent fraud and ensure attribution.

Better audience hyper-targeting with direct publisher media sources.

Traditional networks use blind media buys, relying on existing inventory which is often exhausted and fails to target the right audience. An ad-network integrated with SDK expands media sources from one network to multiple premium network inventory sources. This gives advertisers a hyper-targeted solution for their campaigns by selecting audience parameters and matching those to highly relevant ad placements. An ad network that has access to first party and direct SDK integrated publisher traffic can instantly accelerate the quality and quantity of users for your campaign. Utilizing multiple advertising channels enables you to expand your reach to markets you may not have optimized from one media source. The additional media sources will enable you to spread your budget effectively to test and deliver KPIs.

Beat your competitors with direct publisher traffic sources.

Emerging markets such as China, have 1.33 billion mobile users and are experiencing an increasing amount of western app penetration across  gaming to e-commerce, lifestyle and utility. Beat your competitors by using an ad network’s direct publisher traffic sources and local expert insights in emerging markets to hyper-target new audience parameters and groups.

Launching in an emerging region? Consider Appcoach Market, Asia’s leading mobile display & video advertising network.

Appcoach Market is Asia’s leading mobile display and video advertising. Appcoach Market integrates premium inventory and direct publisher traffic for mobile and app marketers, accelerating user acquisition campaigns, monetization and ROI. Appcoach Market is a hyper-targeted audience solution that enables advertisers to outperform their competition with direct SDK traffic from China and Asia’s top publishers. In Asia and China, Appcoach Market helps mobile marketers earn up to 3x more users and up to 40% more Average Revenue Per User, surpassing the top 3 global ad networks. Appcoach Market supports multiple video and display formats including in-stream, banner, interstitial, pre-roll video and rewarded video.

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