How to Use Social Influencers to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Mobile apps are powerful tools, but with more than 2 million apps on the market how can you ensure that users are downloading yours? Social influencers are your ticket to increasing mobile app downloads!


Influencers Marketing

About 72% of millennials reportedly buy products because of an ad they saw on social media.

This means the power of social influence is growing. With the help of social influencers, you'll get a name that people trust behind your products. If you want to get more mobile app downloads, you need to ensure that the right people are talking about your app.

Given that 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their own friends, you need to take what people say online seriously. While some of it can be rightly dismissed, much of what you read online influences people's spending habits. The success or failure of your app could be the in the hands of anonymous commentators.

If you want to ensure the right people are talking about your products, follow these three tips to hiring an influencer.


1. Pay Them Outright

One of the best ways to get the best work out of anyone is to pay them for what they do. When you reach out to someone in any industry, you're turning to them for their expertise. To show respect, offer them a generous amount for what they do.

Make sure they can deliver what you want. When you're trying to increase downloads, you need social influencers who use products like yours. Have them post about every step of the process of using your app.

Allow them to be honest and sincere like they always are with their audience, and you'll get strong results.


2. Offer Perks and Products

If you don't have a big budget, but you have a great brand, you can offer some influencers free products and other perks for their service. If you're a subsidiary of a larger company, offer them free products from that company.

If you're making new products, give them exclusive access and the first look at what you've got going on. Rather than have to create all new copy about what makes your new products so good, let your social influencers do the talking for you.


3. Let Them Guest Post

One of the best ways to ensure that your social influencers get people back to your site is to invite them to guest blog for you. This way, they can talk about the things that are important to them while also building their own audience.

Stay tuned to other ways companies are advertising, and you'll see that guest posts are very common.

You'll get the added bump of having to be able to share their audience. While bringing a prominent voice to advocate for your products and services, you'll expose a whole new group of people to what you have to offer. This should easily lead to more app downloads.


Mobile App Downloads Can Grow Quickly

With the right people championing your app, mobile app downloads can accelerate quickly once you get influencers behind you. While organic traffic is the most valuable option, sometimes you need influencers to get the ball rolling. If you're following the latest trends in what's going on in the mobile app market, make sure you check out our report.


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